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Vision and Mission

We help business leaders and entrepreneurs prepare, develop and launch great ideas that become companies with enduring significance and purpose.


Our $150MM high growth fund, Jenrah, helps innovative ideas become extraordinary companies. We leverage our relationships in the United States and Asia to provide opportunities for our portfolio companies to reach a wider audience, enhance leadership and attract partners. We can streamline your approach, help shape strategy and enhance your company's trajectory. 


At Thomson Kelvin, we primarily look for businesses targeting large, high growth markets. However, we understand that sometimes a disruptive technology or business model innovation in a smaller more stable market can create a path for growth if given the opportunity. 


Risk is inherent in developing something great. So we look for companies with rapid innovation cycles and help set milestones. Then, we help analyze results and make adjustments as required to accelerate growth and performance. 

Leadership and Teamwork

Whether it is a sports team, a community, or your business, leadership and teamwork are critical to success. We want to support great business leaders by providing you with the capital, network and strategic alliances to help you succeed. You can then inspire your teams to accomplish more than they thought possible. Teammates who share in your company's vision will in turn find a way to overcome obstacles and the odds. Together, we will achieve breakout success. 

Focus and Duration

We are driven to assist entrepreneurs when you most need us and so typically focus on Seed and Series A rounds. Our team will be there with you to help develop and fine-tune your business plan, and we will provide the support you need through our expansive network, particularly during your company's pivotal moments. Focused on high growth, our funds turn on an accelerated eight year cycle. 

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